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Raja Ampat Scuba Diving – Raja Ampat is a regency in West Papua Province being the highlight of the world. The area steals the world’s attention through the amazing nature view of the land and the sea really teasing. It makes this place called to be The Last Paradise on Earth. Raja Ampat Island Scuba Diving becomes a fun activity to do in this place.

Fun Things to Reveal in Scuba Diving

There are some fun things to reveal while you do scuba diving in Raja Ampat. There are some surprising experiences while scuba diving.

Diving with Full of Surprises

Raja Ampat consists of hundreds of archipelago saving the sea wealth for each island. That is why most of the travelers visiting Raja Ampat has the same purpose for diving. There are many diving spots in this area presenting the amazingly striking sea park view because the location is at the triangle of the world’s coral reef. Raja Ampat Island Scuba Diving will spoil the travelers. There are 603 types of the hard coral reef being 75% of the world’s coral reef types. The fish species consist of 1397 types. It makes Raja Ampat become a city of the world’s fishes.

Exploring A Shallow Sea Area

For the travelers having no scuba diving or a diving license, don’t get worried. There is another fun activity to do. You can do scuba diving in a shallow sea area. Raja Ampat is not only a paradise for the divers but it is great for all travelers. The people who want to reveal the underwater park of Raja Ampat need to dive to enjoy it. Nevertheless, you can explore its shallow sea area. It is the same as beautiful as the beauty of the underwater park.

Almost all sea water areas in Raja Ampat have the best visibility so that it reaches some meters. In that way, the travelers can see the sea wealth without entering to the deep blue sea area. In a shallow sea, it has coral reefs and colorful small fishes. The travelers will get spoiled while traveling there with the beauty of the land and sea.

5 Spots for Raja Ampat Island Scuba Diving

Raja Ampat shows its beauty making the people call it the paradise on the earth. It has a beautiful archipelago and sea species. It has some crazy diving spots loved by the world’s divers. There are some diving spots for the scuba diving.

  1.    Mansuar Island

This is a right diving spot for diving or scuba diving. It is close to the resort. The location is Mansuar Island. It is a nice diving spot for seeing turtles and fishes. The location is at the central area of Raja Ampat.

  1.    Chicken Reef

Chicken Reef is a unique group of the coral reefs. It has a strong wave upper but it looks calm and relaxed while diving there. It has its distinct challenge when you dive there.

  1.    Mike’s Point

Mike’s Point is blessed with all sea biota sook by the divers. For the people loving big fishes, colorful small fishes, and coral reefs, it is the right place. There is also a coral reef tunnel.

  1.    Manta’s Point

Manta’s Point is a favorite diving spot in Arborek Island. It is a favorite place for meeting manta. You can see a group of manta fishes in this sea area.

  1.    Blue Magic

Blue Magic having a group of fishes becomes an attention for divers. In addition, there are wobbegong sharks that can be met in this place. You can see the rare sea animal in this diving spot.

Those are some spots that can be explored while you do Raja Ampat Island Scuba Diving.

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