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Raja Ampat Resort Waiwo – Who doesn’t know Raja Ampat? An island located in Papua saves the sea park beauty with the complete and beautiful biota. The nature enchantment of Raja Ampat seems to be insufficient if it is only enjoyed one to two days. To explore the beauty of Raja Ampat, you can stay in Raja Ampat Dive Resort Waiwo.

What Is Raja Ampat Dive Resort Waiwo?

Waiwo Dive Resort is located in the capital of Raja Ampat, Waisai. It is located in one of the big islands, Waigeo Island. The inn has a concept of the close to nature consisting of 12 cottages with Papua ethnic details. Every cottage consists of two to three beds and one bathroom. The walls and floor are made of wood creating a shady and peace for the people staying there.

Nevertheless, this resort is not completed with air conditioner. It has a particular reason why it is not installed. It is used to create a natural situation and atmosphere in this resort. The concept of Waiwo Dive Resort is from the forest to the sea. Waiwo Dive Resort combines a coastal situation with the harmony of the forest. The cottage is built to the shadiness of the trees but it also gets close to the coastal area of the beach.

If you stay there, you will get spoiled with the bird’s songs and insect musical parade combined harmoniously with the waves’ sound. There is a separated restaurant and bar from the cottage and the location is not far from the coastal area. The price rate of this resort is different for local and foreign tourists. For the local tourists, you pay Rp. 450.000 per person and per night. For the kids, you have to pay a half of the price rate including milk and three times snack while staying in Raja Ampat Dive Resort Waiwo.

Reasons for Choosing Raja Ampat Dive Resort Waiwo

There are some facilities offered in this resort. You can benefit it for exploring the beauty of Raja Ampat satisfyingly.

Offering Snorkeling and Diving Package

Despite the resort, Waiwo Dive Resort provides some facilities for snorkeling and diving. You can feed fishes in Waiwo dock. It is available of two diving packages. Firstly, it is applicable for 1 to 4 times of diving with the price rate of Rp. 550.000. Secondly, it offers a diving package for 5 to 8 times for diving at the rate of Rp 450.000. The price rate has included some diving tools and guider. For snorkeling, you have to pay Rp. 50.000 per day.

Facilitating You to See A Carpet Shark

It becomes the only one resort offering the diving and snorkeling package. Waiwo Beach has 45 diving spots. One of the chosen diving spots for divers is underwater view. They expect to see and meet a carpet shark. It has a unique detail and appearance. This shark is not same as the general shark because it only lives in Raja Ampat and Papua Nugini. If you want to see it, you only dive into the depth of 20 meters because it inhibits the sea level surface.

Offering a Sunrise Spot

A cottage in this resort has no air conditioner so that it doesn’t destroy the nature. It maintains a natural situation with green and dense forest. This resort provides a sunrise spot for the travelers. You can see it in the surrounding area of this resort.

Located in a Strategic Location

The accommodation to go to this resort is only 1 minute from the beach. It offers a fun and comfortable resort with various facilities. It displays a wooden decoration completed a sitting area for relaxing and terrace. The bathroom provides a shower, towel, and free bathing tools. Those are some reasons for Raja Ampat Dive Resort Waiwo.


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