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Raja Ampat My Trip My Adventure – The paradise of the earth is Raja Ampat. It is a group of archipelagos in West Papua Province. If you are from Jakarta, you have to fly fist to Sorong, then pass the sea to go to the gate of Raja Ampat. From the Waisai city, you can explore Raja Ampat. You can have Raja Ampat My Trip My Adventure there. It is a must list for your holiday because there are some fun things to do.

Several Fun Activities to Do in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat saves its beauties. There are some magical places to explore in this tourist attraction. You can do some fun activities in Raja Ampat.

The Beautiful Scenery of Piaynemo

The watched scenery on Puaynemo makes your climb to reach the peak precious. After you reached the top of the hill, your eyes will be spoiled by the striking view and awesome scenery of nature. Clean blue Tosca sea and small rocky islands can be seen easily in this tourist attraction. It looks so cool and amazing.

Diving Within Beautiful Rocks

It can be said that Raja Ampat is one of the best diving spots in the world. If you swim with funny fishes and turtles not enough, Raja Ampat provides a land of colorful rocks. You cannot miss it. Raja Ampat is a home of 75% species of the coral reefs in the world.

The Matchless Sunset View

The people of Raja Ampat are the lucky one because they can see a beautiful sunset view. One of the best spots for watching a sunset is Saonek Monde. This is a small island in Raja Ampat only 10 minutes from Waisai when you use a speedboat. When you arrived there, you will be speechless when you see the best sunset view in your life.

The Natural Island

Though it is located in Indonesia, it requires time and more efforts for having Raja Ampat My Trip My Adventure. The plan from Jakarta to go to Sorong have spent time for four hours. Moreover, you have to cross the sea with a boat spending time for hours. There is a positive thing despite the hidden location. In one time, there are no many tourists visiting there so that it is suitable for the people requiring a quietness. Nature is so natural and shady. You will stay there longer comfortably.

Amazing Nature Beauty

A group of rock island is the main highlight of Raja Ampat. It has 3 spots of the beautiful rock groups there, Pianemo, Wayag, and Kabui. The group of the rock island is a group of small islands in the middle of the sea. The water gradation is so beautiful and enchanting with the white sand beach. The sea has a clean and blue water and small islands make you fall in love. You can do a photograph and explore it satisfyingly.

The Marvelous Underwater

Raja Ampat is a home of 540 species of coral reefs, 1,511 species of the fishes, and 700 species of Mollusca. If you dive in Raja Ampat, you will forget a land for a while. There are hundreds of diving spots in Raja Ampat. Some of them are famous such as Mike’s Point, Chicken Reef, Blue Magic, and Manta’s Point. The beauty of underwater is difficult to describe.

Many Tourist Attractions

Diving and snorkeling have been the main tourist attraction in Raja Ampat. In addition, it has many tourist attractions that can be tried in Raja Ampat. You may join in a bird watching activity. Those are some things to do in Raja Ampat My Trip My Adventure.

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