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Raja Ampat Misool Trip – Have you ever seen the beauty of Misool Island in Raja Ampat? If you are a true traveler, you have known how interesting Raja Ampat is. Raja Ampat Misool Trip can be a great holiday alternative. This island is so interesting because you can see the historical prints and Misool Palace history. Touring to Raja Ampat will provide a fun and interesting experience.

The Beauty of Misool Island in Raja Ampat

Travelers having the holiday to see the beauty of Misool Island said that Misool is defined to be a small paradise enchanting. The beauty of the underwater park and beach will make the visitors lazy to leave this island. You can see a line of islands and rocks from the east to the west. Misool is one of the big islands in Raja Ampat. The location of Misool is bordered by the ocean and Seram Sea. This location is a hidden island so that you can see the beauty of this island alone.

Raja Ampat Misool Trip will bring you to see the beauty of Misool. It is not debated anymore. Moreover, if you have swum to the clean sea refreshing you, it will make you comfortable swim there. The turquoise sea is combined with the bright sky providing an amazing view. The white sand beach adds the enchantment of this island. The nature panorama of this small island includes clean and clear sea surrounded by the density of mangrove trees and tropical forest.

Transportation to  Misool

To reach the beauty of Misool, you have to swim crossing the sea through a boat. However, you have to choose an airplane to reach Domne Eduard Airport in Sorong. After you arrived there, you can directly find a boat picking you to cross a Misool island. You don’t get confused where you rent it because there are many boats available every day to cross the sea. The quick time to go to Misool island is about 4 to 5 hours. The price rate is about Rp. 200.000. If you want to get a cheaper price, you can take a general boat at the rate of Rp. 70.000. But, the time to reach Misool is longer for 10 hours.

After you arrived in Misool, the tourists can follow to join an available tour package. To explore this island, you can ride a penisy ship. Raja Ampat is an archipelago area so that the transportation is mostly sea transportation. To take a ship, of course, it tends to be easy to reach and explore Misool. The available tour package includes the ship cost to be a vehicle choice and resort so that you don’t get confused about renting anything.

Culinary Tourism

In addition, to see the beauty of Misool, you can do a culinary tourism. In this island, you can taste some typical Papua foods. You can taste Papeda with yellow soup and Baked Tude fish. After getting tired on the exploration of Misool, you can taste Dabu – Dabu. Those foods are so delicious and have a unique flavor.

Activities in Misool

The beauty of Misool makes everyone amazed. For the people loving water sports, visiting this island is a must. The island is fresh and clean with clean sea. This island is facilitating you to do diving and snorkeling activities. You can see a wide variety of exotic sea animals. So, don’t get surprised if you see the sharks freely in Misool. Despite conducting sport water activities, you can enjoy the beauty of Misool from the sailing ship. If you are lucky, you can see the sea animals. The beauty of Misool makes you speechless. Those are some fun things about Raja Ampat Misool Trip.


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