Raja Ampat Diving Trip

Raja Ampat Diving Trip – Do you have a plan to visit Raja Ampat? If so, you may want to choose Raja Ampat diving trip. Actually, Raja Ampat has so many diving spots. It means choosing Raja Ampat diving trip will make you easy to arrive at diving spots. Read the information below to know more about Raja Ampat diving trip.

How to Choose Raja Ampat Trip

For you who like diving, Raja Ampat trip is much recommended. Many tourists said that Raja Ampat is the best place for diving. Some diving spots you can find in Raja Ampat are Waisai Island, Kri Island, Manta Point, Sardine Reef, The Passage,  Waigeo, Fam Island, Kabui Passage, Manta Ally, and many more.

Whenever you want to choose Raja Ampat trip, you can consider some things. First, try to consider the number of diving spots you will use. Choosing Raja Ampat diving trip that features trips to some diving spots will make you enjoy your trip. Every diving spot offers you the beautiful sceneries. So, you can make a moment in every diving spot you will visit.

Second, choose a diving trip that offers complete facilities. Some diving trips offer diving equipment, meals during trips, life jacket, and other facilities. The more complete facilities, you will be so comfortable when travelling to Raja Ampat. Make sure you choose a diving trip that features complete facilities to make you enjoy more the trip.

The next thing you have to consider is the cost. The cost is important to consider when you choose a diving trip. There are so many tour agents offer affordable diving trip. But, make sure the cost you have to pay fits with facilities you will get. There are affordable diving trips but don’t include meals and diving equipment. It makes you need to pay for the additional cost. So, try to consider the cost to make you know the best diving trip can be chosen.

Accommodation in Raja Ampat

Whenever you visit Raja Ampat, don’t forget about accommodation. There are some types of accommodation you will find in Raja Ampat, such as resort, hotel, homestay, cottage, and many more. If you want to enjoy a diving trip, you can choose a dive resort. What is a dive resort? A dive resort is usually a resort near the diving spot. It makes you easy to arrive at the diving spot, and then dive into that diving spot to enjoy the underwater scenery. You will see various species like fish, turtle, manta fish, and also coral reefs.

A dive resort usually has a dive centre. So, you will be guided by diving guider. It makes you comfortable when diving without worrying about anything. Many dive resorts also completed with a restaurant. The restaurant serves various foods, such as Indonesian foods, Chinese foods, and western food. Choose the food you like the most. Finally, your time in the resort will be so comfortable.

A Recommended Trip to Raja Ampat

If you feel so confused to choose the best diving trip, you can choose a tour package offered by a trusted tour agent. For your recommendation,  you can choose a tour package offered by www.indowalk.com. Indowalk offers some types of tour packages. It makes you easily choose the tour package based on your need, interest, and budget.

Every tour package offered by Indowalk features some facilities, such as meals during the trip, life jacket, snorkelling equipment, speedboat, and many more. finally, your trip will be so memorable and interesting.