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Raja Ampat Diving Resort– For divers, Raja Ampat Regency is one of the areas that must be visited to see the beauty of the sea. There are more than 76 diving spots with various unique characteristics. Besides the beautiful sea, Raja Ampat is also known to have quite heavy sea currents so divers must pay attention to the location and weather that often changes.

Diving for Beginners in Raja Ampat

One of Raja Ampat’s senior guides said that there were several spots that were safe for beginners. Usually, the spot is used to teach tourists who do not have a license as divers.

Best Dive Location

First is Aerborek. This is one of the best islands with the beautiful underwater scenery. This spot characteristic is there are many school fish. Local and foreign tourists choose this island to become a mandatory destination when diving. The island is in a safe location so you can learn to dive easily. This location also has a gradual depth so you will not encounter large currents at this location. The stages start from two, three, and four, up to 15 meters but there are only a few dive centers that can teach novice divers in this place.

Yenbuba is a village in Meos Mansar District, Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat Regency and this is one of the best spots for divers. The advantage of this spot is the clear sea and many fish that roam in this spot. This sea is rich with biota that is still maintained until now. The island also has depth stages so that the island is the right place to learn to dive.

You don’t need to swim far to see beautiful fish and coral. You can swim near the pier and see the beauty of marine biota on this island. You may not enter the water at low tide and tide because the outflow is very tight at low tide. If the water is high, the inflow is very tight. Beginners must choose a diving center that has the program. If you take a special program, then you will get training and material before you dive.

Raja Ampat Diving Resort

This resort is in Raja Ampat with amazing views. You only need 20 minutes by boat to get to Waiseo. This is the capital of Raja Ampat. If you come from Dominique Edward Osok Airport, then you can take a boat for 2 hours from Sorong port. Next, you have to drive for 15 minutes to reach the airport.

The inn is managed by friendly staff and can help you with various services prepared by this in such as airport transfer services, shuttle services in the Raja Ampat area, laundry requests, and so on.


This inn offers a very pleasant seaside vacation. There are a full-board service, free Wi-Fi access, and a restaurant to enjoy the food. If you want to dive, then you do not need to bring diving equipment from home because this inn provides complete diving equipment for all visitors.

Rooms at this inn are equipped with air conditioning so you will not sweat. You can also store valuables in a personal safe. A large wardrobe can be used to store your clothes. There is a fan that can make your room cool and cool.

A bed with a canopy allows you to sleep well in this room after being tired of diving in the sea. The bathroom in your room is also equipped with a shower so you can feel the freshness of the water in this room. You can relax on the terrace in the afternoon and see beautiful sea views from your room.

The inn also has a library so you can read books calmly. The library is in a tropical garden so you can enjoy reading books in a comfortable area with cool air.

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