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Raja Ampat Diving Package – Raja Ampat is a series of islands that are close together, precisely there are 4 islands. This island group is included in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. Now Raja Ampat is a tourist destination, especially for those who enjoy diving or diving. Here are some interesting diving spots, including Misool Island, Salawati, Waigeo, Batanta. Most people in Raja Ampat have a livelihood as fishermen who live in small villages and live far apart and even different islands. The Raja Ampat community is very friendly, especially when receiving guests from outside.

Amazing Tourism Potential

The Raja Ampat Islands have great tourism potential, especially for diving. Raja Ampat is recognized as one of the best dive sites in the 10 best dive sites in the world. The flora and fauna on this island are very complete. With the best coral area in the archipelago. Raja Ampat which is a beach with the high seas along with small islands around this beach does have a suitable place for tourists to dive or snorkel by seeing a variety of coral reefs that are still awake. For this, tourists need to prepare everything well, such as snorkeling equipment.

Beautiful Coral Group

This water stores at least 1000 species of hard coral fish, 540 species of hard coral, and 700 types of Mollusca. So 75% of the world’s coral species are in the waters of Raja Ampat, and there are no similarly broad watersheds that have as many corals in Raja Ampat. Some species that we can meet here are manta rays, dwarf seahorses, and wobegong.

Best Spot

Raja Ampat Diving Package is one of the best diving spots in the world. Some of the dive sites are on 4 islands, namely, Waigeo, Salawati, Bantanta, Misool. When diving at Manta Point, we will get an interesting experience, namely diving with manta rays.

Dive at Cape Kri or Chicken Reef, we will dive with thousands of fish (including tuna, snappers, giant trevallies) and the most stressful experience of all is when diving with thousands of barracuda fish. This fish is not dangerous but there are also dangerous ones, namely solitary barracuda or alone. Some types of fish that we also often see include coral sharks and turtles.

When diving in Batanta, Salawai, and Waigeo, we can meet in dugong. The location of Raja Ampat, which has many islands with narrow straits, makes some of the diving spots flow fast at certain times. It is appropriate to do a drift dive, that is, diving follows a high current by breaking through thousands of fish. You should prepare your body before diving so that you have strong physical endurance because diving also requires energy.

Diving Package

You can choose several dive packages on this island. Usually, the manager will provide several types of accommodation. You can choose a short dive package 2 times and so on. The package does not have a minimum time to stay so you don’t need to think about the right check-in time.

Managers are very flexible so you can pay accommodation costs without diving packages. Maybe you can enjoy other activities while on this island because this island has another view that is no less beautiful than the underwater scenery.

Before you choose a dive package, you can search for information on the internet or request information from friends who have already purchased the package. This can prevent you from being fooled by fake agents who only want your money. You must be careful when choosing an agent. We recommend that you look at reviews from other people who have used the services of the agent. This information can help you choose the best agent. Don’t forget to choose an agent that is famous for good reviews on the internet.

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