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Raja Ampat Diving Lodge– Raja Ampat is a paradise for divers. Your vacation is not complete without diving in one of the best places in Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat Dive Lodge is in the best diving spot in the northern part of Raja Ampat. This place is only minutes from famous spots to see Manta Rays. This fish dive spot is in the western part of the Dampier Strait.

Natural Lodge

This place has a lodge to see the best coral reefs in the world. This cottage is located on a white sand beach and is surrounded by Papuan rainforests that look green. The lodge is also filled with natural beauty that you cannot find elsewhere. You can sit on the porch and listen to the natural sounds of the forest. You can hear birds chirping in the morning. You can also hear the sound of leaves and trees whispering in your ear. Dive guides who have a lot of knowledge will guide you. These guides are professional divers who already have official licenses so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Rooms

The rooms in this cottage are very comfortable because they have several sizes of mattresses. You can choose a room with twin beds so you have a spacious bed when you visit with several people. You also choose double beds for some people. This inn also provides a bathroom with tiled floors for you. There are interiors made of wood that make your room design look natural. Each room is equipped with air conditioning so you can cool your body comfortably. This inn can accommodate up to 20 people so you can invite your extended family to vacation in Raja Ampat.

Delicious Seafood

Raja Ampat is famous for its sea views so this lodge serves delicious and healthy food. The food is made with fresh local ingredients. You can enjoy grilled fish with spicy and sweet spices. Fresh fish meat is crispy compared to fish that has been stored for several days in the freezer.

You can try fishing yourself and ask the staff to cook the fish for you. Usually, you only buy fish in the supermarket but this is a different experience because you will be invited to catch fish from the open ocean.


The main lodge gives you a relaxation area so you can enjoy the spa in the area. You can request a gentle massage on your body after you dive all day. The message can give you comfort and restore your energy after your activities.

This inn also has an area to watch television or play films so you can still watch your favorite shows while you are on vacation in Raja Ampat. Maybe you won’t have time to watch television because the clear sea is waiting for you. If you are forced to carry your work while on vacation, then this is not a big problem because this inn provides a stable electric current to open your computer.

Diving Equipment

High-speed boats will take you to the best places to dive. You will be amazed because you have never found a beautiful sea view elsewhere. This inn has fast boats so you can save time to reach dive sites on the island.

Guides have chosen the right location because they already have years of experience to accompany divers. You can entrust the dive site to the guides. You will not be disappointed when you see a variety of rare fish swimming around you. You will also be amazed to see coral reefs preserved by the surrounding population to preserve the natural beauty of this place. Foreign and local tourists will surely enjoy this activity. Many people choose to vacation in Raja Ampat compared to other places because Raja Ampat can provide a different experience.

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