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Raja Ampat Diving Boat – Raja Ampat is filled with various species of fish and corals that have not been found in other waters in the country. You must not underestimate this natural phenomenon because there are no places like Raja Ampat in other countries. This island has a population of marine biota that is very dense and filled with live coral reefs. You can find all of these beauties by diving from amazing ships.

The Journey

Traditional phinisi boats can bring several guests with professional guides and other staff. You will experience an extraordinary journey on this earth. This ship has a good and relaxed speed so you don’t have to worry about your security. Diving from luxury boats makes you not leave this holiday. This ship has a professional cook who will cook delicious food for you.

About Boat

This ship will be your second home while on vacation. This is better than hotels that are on land because you have to go far and take a long time to dive. The phinisi is made by professional carpenters with very strong hardwoods. This ship only uses quality wood such as ironwood and teak. You can see the open sea on a graceful ship. This ship is equipped with the 6 best screens that can control the wind well. This ship has a luxurious and amazing design.

The cabin on the ship is equipped with air conditioning. You can call your family because this ship is also equipped with satellite phones to communicate with the agency on the mainland. The staff pays attention to your security so this ship carries a life raft. Safety standards have been met by this ship. Life jackets are important things that should not be forgotten by the ship. A trained crew understands all the emergency procedures that need to be carried out on this ship. High-level security is the main focus of staff.


The budget for this ship is still comfortable in your pocket. You don’t need to drain your bag for vacation and dive from this ship. These costs depend on the cabin you choose on this ship. This ship has a large deck so you can sit on the deck of the ship. This ship doesn’t forget you who like the sun so the spacious deck offers a place to relax to gaze at the sun in the morning and evening.

Sunlight will shine on this ship so you are excited to dive. This room trip plan has been given to you so that you can describe the trip plan. You can see stars at night from the upper deck. There are chairs and tables on the upper deck to enjoy dinner.

The cuisine served by the cook on this ship is a blend of local and western food so you can taste different foods from two continents. All food tastes delicious and you are accompanied by a night sky filled with stars. This is an amazing open space so you can feel the coolness of the sea breeze that hits your face.

Medical Facilities

Raja Ampat Diving Boat This ship will go to a remote location so the medical facilities on this ship are still limited. You must consider your medical condition before renting this ship. If you do not consider your conditions and forced to follow this trip, then you must be prepared for the risks. The staff has warned you before. This is the best advice for you. Maybe you have to buy some insurance to prevent bad things.

Diving equipment is provided on this ship so you don’t need to rent it again. This is one of the advantages of this ship because the main purpose of tourists is diving. This ship provides complete equipment for diving with great guides. You will get a brief explanation before diving so you can dive safely. If you cannot dive, then you can snorkel from this boat.


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