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Raja Ampat Day Trip – Raja Ampat is The Last Paradise on the Earth. It refers to Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is one of the amazing destinations in Indonesia. Nature is so natural and a virgin. In addition, it has a dazzling sea nature. You can have Raja Ampat Day Trip to do fun things there.

Fun Activities in Raja Ampat Day Trip

There are some fun activities to do in Raja Ampat. You can include those activities in a day trip package in Raja Ampat.

Exploring a Hidden Island

For the people loving an adventure trip, trekking in Raja Ampat will give your own experience. There are three groups of the islands being a trekking spot. Those are Kabui, Pianemo, and Waisai. It is a hidden island with no people living there. You have to open your trekking route passing tree challenges or meeting many lizards, Maleo birds, and Nepenthes. Nevertheless, after you reached the top of the hill, you will see an amazing view of Raja Ampat.

Diving and Snorkeling in the Paradise of The Earth

Diving and snorkeling become the main purpose for travelers and tourists visiting Raja Ampat. This place is famous for the amazing underwater view. It is caused that Raja Ampat is located in a center of triangle coral reefs in the world. There are 603 species of hard coral reefs and 1397 species of the fishes.

Feeding the Fishes

Fish feeding is a fun activity that can be conducted in Raja Ampat. It is a right activity for the people loving snorkeling or diving. You don’t fall down into the air but you can see directly the beautiful and colorful fishes. It is enough to prepare foods such as bread or biscuits. Then, throw it to the water. The fishes will come.

Catching Sunrise

Sunset and sunrise in Raja Ampat is the best thing to do. Nevertheless, sunrise in this place tends to be more beautiful and leading to the other places. You must be ready on waking up at 05.00 in the morning to watch a sunrise. The sunlight in the morning in Raja Ampat is very beautiful. The light looks golden and light every single space in Raja Ampat and its small islands.

Watching Cenderawasih

Cendrawasih bird is a typical bird of Papua looking so beautiful. In this place, you can see it directly without using any media tools. You can directly visit the spot, Sawing Rai Island. The bird watching is conducted to two times in the morning and afternoon. You can enjoy those beauties with Raja Ampat Day Trip.

How to Get the Best Raja Ampat Day Trip

To enjoy those beauties of Raja Ampat, you can do some things. Firstly, you have to find a tour and travel that is a responsible and good reputation for facilitating you to explore the beauty of Raja Ampat. You should check every facility of the one day package in Raja Ampat. You should take the best deal with this trip package. Secondly, try to consider the price of the trip package. It must be reliable for your budget. Of course, it must be more affordable because visiting Raja Ampat requires much money. Try to compare one travel to another to find out the cheapest one.

Thirdly, the one day trip package in Raja Ampat must include some famous and striking tourist destinations. There are many beautiful destinations in Raja Ampat. Try to take a better choice. In addition, it must provide a facility for snorkeling and diving. Going to Raja Ampat without snorkeling and diving is not complete. You cannot enjoy the richness of underwater animals. Those are some considerations in having Raja Ampat Day Trip.

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