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Raja Ampat Budget Trip – Raja Ampat is one of the dream destinations for travelers and backpackers in Indonesia. Raja Ampat located in West Papua is the best diving spot. A wide variety of sea biota makes Raja Ampat popular. This position is lined between two oceans, Hindia Ocean and the Pacific Ocean supported by the right temperature for the growth of coral reefs. You can explore the beauty of Raja Ampat with a Raja Ampat Budget Trip. It means to be a cheap trip. These are the following things to know.

Groups or Individual

The transportation cost in Raja Ampat can be said to be expensive from the other areas in Indonesia. The price of fuel in Raja Ampat is double expensive than the closest city, Sorong. To save it, you should come to Raja Ampat in groups. If you come with a big group at least 10 people, you can divide the cost of boat rental and fuel per a day reaching million. The expensive expense will be low if it is paid together.

To be more economical, having a holiday in groups becomes the easiest way of traveling to Raja Ampat. You can start it by renting a car, room, and boat turning around Raja Ampat. Moreover, you can save the expense because you can exchange and share yours with them during a trip and traveling.

Promo Tickets

Despite considering transportation cost in Raja Ampat, the price of the airplane to go to Sorong is also expensive. The ticket price to Sorong for one trip is generally expensive for Rp. 4.000.000 to Rp. 5.000.000. It is excluded from the return ticket. That is why you have to find a promo ticket going to Sorong far days before having a holiday to Raja Ampat. In addition to search an airline promo, you have to hunt a promo ticket to a number of travel fairs. If it is necessary, find the promo ticket one year before.

A Regular Ship Schedule in Raja Ampat

The next thing to do for Raja Ampat Budget Trip is knowing a schedule of a regular ship. To reach Raja Ampat from Sorong, you must take a regular boat from the harbor. Though it is not as fast as a speedboat, the price of a regular boat tends to be cheaper. The schedule of the regular ship to Raja Ampat has been determined three days before the holiday. The schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The boat price for one trip is Rp. 120.000,-.The price is fairly cheap.

Staying in a Homestay or Local People Houses

In Raja Ampat, staying in a homestay and local people houses becomes the best option for minimizing the expense during a holiday in Raja Ampat. In Waisai Island, there are 40 homestay choices to choose from. For the price range, the inn price for one night per a person is about Rp. 250.000 to Rp. 350.000,-. If you want to get the cheaper price, travelers can stay in one of the local people houses to be an inn. If you want to get an expensive inn, there are hundreds of hotels and resorts having facilities facing the beach. Of course, it tends to be more expensive.

Be Wise in Managing Your Money

The last thing to do for having a low budget traveling in Raja Ampat is managing your money wisely. Prevent the temptation of shopping for many things such as souvenirs and foods. It is useful to press a traveling budget in Raja Ampat cheaper. Emphasize yourself to manage your money wisely if you want to buy something. Buy necessary things in Raja Ampat. Those will create Raja Ampat Budget Trip.

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